Political Correctness is FASCISM and NAZISM and BANS CHRISTMAS! (Updated)

Political Correctness Gone Mad has its hands full.  When it's not busy being MARXIST and STALINIST, it's goosestepping all up the place being NAZI.  Makes sense really.  Why do you think there's a PC BRIGADE, huh?  What do you think we spend all our time polishing our boots and ironing creases into our uniforms for?

Evidence of the PC Brigade's NAZI roots abounds in the Mail's 'How Hitler's Nazi propaganda machine tried to take Christ out of Christmas', an article so ironic, given the paper's facist sympathising past, that it could generate the entire wardrobe for the next Iron Man sequel and leave enough to kit him out with a new bile generator weapon to shoot from his mouth.

Okay, maybe not.  The article itself isn't too bad - it's a straight bit of churning from Der Spiegel with an extra reference to Hitler's alleged atheism bunged in for good measure.  But, of course, editors at the Daily Mail know the effect that this sort of story will have on readers:

Strange resemblance to what the PC are doing to Christmas in this country, either corrupt it or ban it seems to be the in thing.
Says Johnrs65 from Norfolk, and:
For the last twenty years, the ACLU, and the USA Supreme Court has taken Christ out of Christmas in the USA!
Says R Littlejohn, from Florida.  Not really!  It's someone called LoBianco.
Things have not changed that much really have they? Merry Christmas to all. oops!! sorry. Happy Holidays.
Says some expat, before Sid Jaques from Durham pipes in with:
Bit like soome of OUR councils...eh
Yeah.  Hur hur!  Bit like Tower Hamlets stuffing anyone who isn't a one-legged black lesbian in the back of a railway truck and - whoops!  I'm not going there!  (And anyway, that's probably someone pratting about).

Those were only from the top six comments.  I could not be arsed to look at any more for fear of the red mist coming down and making me kick, bite and scratch the hard copy of the Mail sitting next to me on my desk (this story ain't in it and I didn't pay no money for it not nor nuffing).

We all know that the tabloids can ring their readers' bells and the dogs will start slavering, but the trouble is, the myth these sorts of assumptions rest on can be swallowed by people who actually have a certain amount of influence.

According to Paul Waugh in 'Harriet gets a bashing from the Bishops' in the Standard:
Monsignor Andrew Summersgill, the gen sec of the Catholic Bishops' Conference, has written a submission to the scrutiny committee looking at the bill - and he ain't happy.

Msgnr Summersgill says there are "wider implications" of the bill, such as the impact on Christmas celebrations:

"The areas covered by the Bill involve strongly held views supported by campaigning organisations and legal proceedings are a possible outcome.

"Under existing legislation we have seen the development of a risk-averse culture with outcomes as ridiculous as reports of a local authority instructing tenants to take down Christmas lights in case they might offend Muslim neighbours, or of authorities removing the word Christmas out of cultural sensitivity to everyone except Christians.

"If this Bill is serious about Equality, everything possible must be done to avoid it having a ‘chilling’ effect on religious expression and practice."
That's just brilliant!  What councils are banning Christmas lights and changing the word Christmas for fear of offending Muslims?  Please, just identify one.  And then some more, to qualify your plural.
I suppose we can't really be surprised when some chief witch-doctor or other gullibly believes nonsense without evidence, or we'd end up walking around with an expressions like blow-up dolls all the time

But this sort of thing also has a bad effect on democracy.  I mentioned Peter Davies getting elected on the back of an anti-PC Gone Mad agenda a few days ago.  The Campaign Against Political Correctness have been drafted in to help him sort things out and ban posts whose political position they don't agree with (except that's not Political Correctness, remember kids) and all they've managed is to ban something that was done away with three years ago.

Anyway, Happy Christmas, you dirty effing Nazi/Stalinist/Marxist terrorist sympathising scum!

Next week - 'Why Political Correctness is GODZILLA and wants to smash your house and burn your children with its laser beam eyes'

(Thanks to Unity and TabloidWatch for the links to the main material there).

**UPDATE**  The Mail has covered the silly bishop story in 'Christmas could be killed off by Harman's Equality Bill, bishops warn' - story comes complete with a lnk to the Nazi Christmas story in the middle.  Just in case readers need a bit of nudging toward the connection the editors want them to make.


Akela said...

You know, I've spent 31 years of my life being Christian and I have yet to encounter anyone that wants to stop me celebrating Christmas. Maybe I've just been lucky, but then no other Christians that I know have been stopped either. You know, if I wasn't sure that that nice Mr Dacre wouldn't dream of doing such a thing I'd wonder if he was making it up. But he would never do that of course.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...


And Jesus wasn't even born this time of year anyway oh and Hitler was a Catholic.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

I love the way the atheist nazis 'tried to turn it into a pagan winter solstice celebration' as if it wasn't a bloody pagan celebration in the first place. What have fir trees got to do with the baby Jesus, eh? Or robins? Or Yule logs? What does 'Yule' mean anyway?


ACG said...

"I love the way the atheist nazis 'tried to turn it into a pagan winter solstice celebration' as if it wasn't a bloody pagan celebration in the first place."

or as if paganism is somehow closer to atheism than christianity.
you'd almost get the impression the mail doesn't really know what any of thoughs three things are.

Unknown said...

It's really just a reaction to 'Winterfest' which I think may have originated in Birmingham (memory of the event only), but has now spread to pretty much all councils (Google: UK Councils winterfest).

Not so much banning Christmas but instead making the entire month of December multicultural. Or "the holiday season".

Five Chinese Crackers said...


There are a couple of posts around here on 'Winterval' and the like. These stories are never as straightforward as they seem.

Winterval itself was just a marketing event that ran a couple of times in Birmingham. They still had Christmas, Christmas Lights, Christmas Carols, Christmas trees and so on.

The newer versions of this story are similar, involving Oxford Council having an arts festival called 'Winter Light' but still having Christmas etc, and Dundee Council having a cultural event with the same name, but still having Christmas, etc.

This kind of story may be a reaction against them, but they're reactions against the exaggerated tabloid verions rather than reality.