The Crackers is on Twitter!

You got that right, jive turkeys!  I'm on Twitter.  I don't know quite what I'll be doing there, but watch yo'self.

Sorry, reading too much Luke CageFollow me on Twitter for less frequent than I thought updates, since you can't do mobile tweets from Orange phones.

There's a 'Latest Tweets' doohickey over on the right if you can't be arsed to follow me.  I wouldn't.  I have no idea where I'm going.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I see you've given in.

I'm holding off for as long as is humanly possible.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

I was sort of hoping to kjeep it quest for a few days while I got used to everything - started getting followed very quickly and there's no slowing down now!

Sim-O said...

I discovered a couple of days ago that twitter does work with orange. Not sure when that happened, but might be worth having another look at it.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Top class! Cheers Sim-o. Must have started this week - I checked on Monday and it didn't work.

Unknown said...

Sweet Christmas!

But seriously, nice to see you on Twitter.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Thanks man. You know Cage has been banned from saying Sweet Christmas now, don't you?