I always knew Barnbrook would disappear

Hello people.  A late, but short one.

I always knew it would happen.  Richard Barnbrook's MyTelegraph blog allows unmoderated comments, and it seems the only way to get rid of them is to either report them to the Telegraph people for being offensive, or delete the whole blog post.

Despite the hoo-hah surrounding his being given a MyTelegraph blog, I always thought honest comments would be too much for him.  He always kept two blogs in tandem - the Telegraph blog, where he faced proper criticism, and the official BNP one, where dissent was not tolerated.  I suspected he would quietly stop the Telegraph one and carry on with the easy one, where the poor, fascist flower could spout his nonsense without being questioned.

Today, it seems, that actually happened.  I took the piss out of his last Telegraph post and then, without warning, his next blog post appeared on his official BNP blog but not the Telegraph one.   His latest fantasy about what happened at Mayor's Question Time can be found at the BNP one (that is still listed as belonging to Andrew Brons) but not the one where actual critics can post comments.

Did I kill Barnbrook?

It seems that real opposition really will melt them like the Wicked Witch of the West.


Unknown said...

I also note an earlier post thanking his supporters. The number of supporters responding...zero, nada, zip, not even his loved ones. What a loser.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Freedom to debate this retards is the best pest-control to their verminous ideas.