Barnbrook suspended from Barking & Dagenham Council, made to go on ethics training

Richard Barnbrook has finally been suspended for a month from Barking & Dagenham Council for lying about the number of knife murders in his area. Tory Troll has more, including the full set of sanctions, which mention ethincs training. Ethics and someone from the BNP? Can you say 'cognitive dissonance'? Barnbrook probably can, but only with great diffculty.
It's worth pointing out that this case may not have come to light had Barnbrook not been given the rope to hang themselves with. In the right environment like the MyTelegraph blog section, where deleting negative comments is impossible without removing an entire blog post, BNP arguments and representatives can be defeated. Like I did in the comments on this recent post (part of a small flurry of posts a week or so before his hearing - the first in months). This doesn't count as blowing my own trumpet, because it's not hard to look at a video and show where it differs from Barnbrook's account.

On the BNP's own site and in their own blogs, this isn't as easy. Simon Darby, himself suspended from his post in the London Assembly as Barnbrook's assistant has already whacked up a response to the ruling on the BNP site headlined 'BNP Blasts “Utterly Vile Hypocrisy” in Richard Barnbrook Ruling'. I don't link to those raas clarts, so you'll have to Google that, I'm afraid.

The defence is a bit rubbish. The police have confirmed that there were no serious incidents involving knives in the period concerned, but the BNP are still claiming that two of Barnbrook's pretend murders were actually referring to people who were on life support.

It also relies on saying 'look how the other parties lie'. Fair enough. Blair lied us into a war. I'd love to see him punished for that. I'm not going to moan when some other goon gets in trouble for their own lies in the meantime though. That's such a crap line of reasoning- like a burglar arguing he should be let off because he thinks the murderers of Stephen Lawrence got away with their crime.

Anyway, nice to think of Barnbrook in ethics training. Maybe the BNP are saying he'll appeal because they think he has to go on an 'ethnics' course.


Ben017 said...

Funnily enough this guy gets suspended, while knife crime is in fact a major problem. Talk about getting priorities wrong.

Offending rates appear consistent with global trends. Groups differ in their propensity for crime.


Whybird said...

I don't know about you, but removing people who abuse a position of power (he presented evidence that wasn't just biased, it was an outright fabrication) in order to advance a hateful, xenophobic and bigoted agenda is quite a high priority for me.

Sarah Ditum said...

Ben017, how cunning of you to make a racist statement without using any terms related to race. I see that the study controlled for GDP but not inequality. It's not the statistical slam-dunk you'd like to believe it is. But since you imply that *making up murders* is legitimate way of addressing an issue, maybe it's fair to say that you're just not very clever with numbers.

AdamB said...

Almost exactly the same comment as 'Ben017' has been left on my blog from 'Chi'


They're a BNP sockpuppet.

eric the fish said...

I'm not in favour of capital punishment, bur puppet on a String does have a nice ring to it.

I'm hoping to watch the webcast again as there were some gems Barnbrook came out with during the proceedings.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Cheers for that, Adam.

It's interesting how quickly the defence of Barnbrook slipped into racism and thinly veiled claims that knife crime is the fault of black people. (Cheers for pointing out the flaw with Ben017's links Sarah).

That was, of course, at least part of the point of Barnbrook ever latching on to the Great Tabloid Knifecrime Moral Panic of 2008 in the first place. That's why his post 'Blame the immigrants' (since deleted) existed at all, and why he later called for a ban on the Notting Hill Carnival in the delightfully and definitely-not-racist-guvnor headlined 'Smile - we've all just been mugged'.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Best bit of news I've had all day, glad you also spotted the racist Ben017 trotting out more nonsense.

It does amaze how much the BNP use the LOOK OVER THERE AT WHAT THAT PARTY IS DOING line.

It really is wearing very thin.

God is a DJ said...

Yeah good news man!

But we can’t let this racist idiot stop the community campaigns and the message that knife crime is a BIG problem though and that knives are for cowards; in my yard it is not getting through yet tho.

Editor said...

It is and has been fully accepted in B & D that everything in the power of the council and the police in partnership must be done to bring down knife crime. In the same way everything must be done to minimise the communities fear of crime.

A hell of a lot of work has been done on this and will continue to be done, but Barnbrook and his chums will not contribute, they prefer to sit on the sidelines and sling mud.

They are ineffective as councillors, and now Barnbrook the best known of them all has been publically convicted of lying.

I certainly hope this will further open the eyes and the minds of the community in B & D that the bnp cannot be trusted.


Five Chinese Crackers said...

Hello people.

I've just deleted a couple of comments from Ben017. No doubt he'd claim it was because I'm frightened of the truth or somesuch nonsense, but it's because he's a sockpuppet who has been commenting as Chi with his eugenics stuff over at Tory Troll - and I don't appreciate or tolerate sockpuppets. Any further comments from Chi/Ben017 or 'James' will be deleted for that reason.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...