Ringarangadong for a holiday

Check out the new style we just play.

I am off on holidy for a little over two weeks.  Not anywhere hot or dusty like Minority Thought though.  Let's just say there's more chance of me meeting Scott Pilgrim where I'm going.  I plan to blog a bit more when I get back, and there'll be one or two new regular features, I think.  I won't be cutting down on the bum jokes though.  Relax, bumface.

While I am gone, I might as well  nick Minority Thought's idea and give you a list of other media watchy type blogs to pay attention to - although it appears to be media watchy blog holiday season at the minute with me, Anton Vowl and Primly Stable all being away.  In different places, I think.

Angry Mob
On Twitter as @uponnothing

Atomic Spin
On Twitter as @atomic_spin

Enemies of Reason
On Twitter as @antonvowl

On Twitter as @exclarotive

Express Watch
On Twitter as @expresswatch

Mail Watch
On Twitter as @mailwatch

No Sleep 'Til Brooklands
On Twitter as @RopesToInfinity

only that in you
Not on Twitter

Press Not Sorry
On Twitter as @press_not_sorry

Primly Stable
On Twitter as @primlystable

Roy Greenslade's Blog
On Twitter as @GreensladeR

Tabloid Watch
On Twitter as @tabloidwatch

Also, check in with Obsolete while you're at it.  Never miss that one.  Or Minority Thought himself, who incidentally is on Twitter as @MinorityThought.  If you're into Tsonga Disco (for some reason), there's also Ernie Goggins at 27 Leggies.

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