Open debate on immigration?

I know, I'm off on my holidays. I can't leave this alone though.

MigrationWatch have threatened Sally Bercow with legal action for comments she made about a Daily Express article that was supposedly covering one of their reports.

Yeah, I know. Hardly open and honest if one side threatens to sue the other.

MigrationWatch is concerned about a few things, but one that stands out for me is that they don't like that Ms Bercow allegedly suggested their report said immigration causes youth unemployment. They say it was careful not to come to that conclusion.

The thing is, Ms Bercow was commenting on an Express article about the report, rather than the report itself. The Express story really did say the report showed that immigration caused youth unemployment.  The unequivocal headline was 'Migrants rob young Britons of jobs'.

Since MigrationWatch are concerned enough that Ms Bercow might have suggested a causal link in their report that they include the matter in threatened legal proceedings, have they also attempted to sue the Express?

If not, have they complained to the PCC, or even written a letter to the editor?

It's not as if this is the first time a tabloid has exaggerated the contents of a MigrationWatch report, either.

Has MigrationWatch ever complained when this has happened?

If not, I wonder why.  Surely it's not because they don't mind when their work is misrepresented as long as it's done to scaremonger about immigration.

(Thanks to D Notice for letting me know what the chuff was going on ealier).

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