More Littlejohn - for the masochists amongst you

Here's the cartoon in Littlejohn's new article, which moans about a chef for the Metropolitan Police complaining about having to serve pork, given that he's a Muslim:

See the turban he secretly had hidden under his chef's hat, and the flowing beard that single him out as a religious weirdo. See the actual picture of the man in question in the article (below the fold):

Oh - there's no turban or big beard after all. And the cartoon leaves out the guy's glasses. Why, it's almost as if the cartoon is based on a crude caricature of imagined shared characteristics rather than anyone who actually exists. Where have we seen that sort of thing before?

I'm sure it'll come to me.


Helen Highwater said...

Flippin' Nora... and do policemen even wear helmets like that anymore?!

Anonymous said...

More to the point....do people use the phrase flipping Nora anymore?