The fun never stops on the Mail rollercoaster of hate

Four posts in one day from the wonderful world of the Daily Mail, where the thinly veiled racist fun never ends.

'Revealed: 40 per cent of drink drivers in Britain are now immigrants ' screams one article's headline. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the paper already begin to withdraw that claim in the article summary I've reproduced above, where it introduces the 'up to' caveat and says:
Shocking police figures have revealed that 40 per cent of drink drivers in some parts of Britain are now immigrants.
So, 40 percent of drink drivers are immigrants only some areas?

Umm, no.

The article itself withdraws the headline claim twice more in the third sentence, which opens:
In Cambridgeshire, two in every five motorists caught over the legal limit...
That would be only one area then. The sentence finishes:
or driving while banned are from overseas.

The article has gone from claiming that 40% of drink drivers in the country are immigrants to claiming that 40% of people guilty of two offences in only one area are immigrants. There follows a bit of blah about Chief Constable Julie Spence and her calling for more resources to deal with immigrants and then the only other stat about any other area in the country:
Figures for Suffolk showed that seven per cent of drivers caught over the limit last year were Eastern European.
So, the next best after 40% the paper could find is 7%.

Well done, Daily Mail Reporter, for shamelessly exaggerating things to demonise foreigners uncovering such shocking figures from all over the country and showing Zanu-Labour's multi-culti experiment to be a farce. Or something.


cheshirecheese said...

In some parts of Britain up to 100% of muggers are named Benjamin.

[The only mugging in Friarton Street, Crewe this week was carried out by somebody named Benjamin - send them all back to Benjaminia]

Mephitis said...

@ cheshirecheese, good one :D.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Good one indeed, cheshirecheese. Bloody Benjamins!

Yakoub said...

It beggars belief that journalists can pursue this kind of demonization on the basis of such willful distortion of information. How do they sleep at night?

cheshirecheese said...

Seriously though ....

if the BNP manage to scrape over the 7/10% vote share, or whatever it is they need to get an MEP elected next June, a huge chunk of the responsibility/ guilt/ shame will lie with this sort of gutter journalism.