Your cricket ball is a poof

It is. It's a big screaming bender. How do I know? Because it's pink. Everyone knows pink is gay.

What am I farting on about? This fantastic piece of journalism in the Sun:

Looks like it's gay-lords!:
CRICKETERS may look like they are batting for the other side — hitting PINK balls.
WUURGH! Pink means GAY! WUURGH! After a bit of stuff about how this is a good piece of equipment, the article closes:
But Sun cricket correspondent John Etheridge hit out, saying: “I can’t imagine how Freddie Flintoff would feel running up with a pink ball in his hand.”
These people get paid to write this crap. Real money, that you can spend in shops. They're allowed to vote. And if you ran up behind them and cracked them over the back of the head with a cricket bat - you're the one who'd end up arrested.

Where's the justice?


septicisle said...

I saw that in my usual scanning and just decided to let it die on its arse in all its barrel-scraping glory.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

You sir, are clearly a better man than I!

Mephitis said...

Thanks for the snigger. I like your turn of phrase.