Am I the only one

Am I the only one to wonder if it's a coincidence that the only Maddie 'sightings' that have been followed up as far as finding the wrong bloody girl have been in countries with big Muslim populatins? Morocco, Bosnia, where next?

How long before the Express prints an article about how it's possible to fit a little kid under a burkha?


Anton Vowl said...

Of course. How on earth could anyone except a brown-skinned person / one of those dodgy gypsy types abduct little Maddie? White folk are apparently incapable of such crimes.

Every week it seems a new brown-skinned person might have been responsible. What does it do? Add a little fuel to the fear-of-foreigners fire? Distract us from what might have really happened? Chime in with the racist nonsense elsewhere in these papers, especially the Express?

The sinister subtext to all this is, I think, that brown people are so racially inferior that they need to steal a blonde child as the acme of genetic perfection. I can't see why else anyone would give this strand of reports any credence at all.

Hel said...

the other thing i have noticed is that there are all these rumours of foreign gangs who kidnap british kids on holiday in europe, yet the only alleged victim you ever hear about is madeleine. you'd think that if these kidnappings were as commonplace as they're made out to be, we'd hear about them a lot more.
either there really are these kidnappings going on and we're not hearing about the other victims because they're not "our maddie, the people's princess II," or they're not happening at all.