Deja vu all over again

Every quarter, the oNS releases migration statistics. Every quarter, the Mail can report on them as if they're shocking and new as if they haven't said anything similar three months ago. The rascals.

The Mail's stock 'scary brown people' picture. Look as the white girl holds her head in despair.

Three months ago, I posted 'Half a record number leave the country' and 'More on moronic use of stats in the Mail' about the paper scaremongering over immigration figures that could be looked upon as good news in Daily Mail land. Three months later, we have more scaremongering over very similar figures measured three months later. This paper's crap could be spat out by an automatic script. All you'd have to do is enter the actual numbers and an enraged scare story would pop out of the other end, like an Angel Delight that's made of poo and is capable of screaming in your face until you pass out from fear.

Now, we have 'Record numbers of people are leaving the UK as more immigrants arrive'. Why is this news? Three months ago we had '196,000 out, 574,000 in: Record numbers leaving Britain for new life abroad - as immigration to UK soars'. Now, to be fair, the last set of figures split these up into foreigners and the British and the new one doesn't. But that's it. The rest is the same figures measured from three months later. The record numbers are still record numbers, including the ones leaving. The full set is here if you can be bothered.

There's also a nice break down of the numbers of immigrants in the Mail, showing that 6,000 were asylum seekers but mysteriously forgetting to mention that 81,000 were British. Or to mention that there's also a record number of foreigners leaving too.

I can't really be arsed with his one, other than to point out the sheer dogged bloody minded boringness of the paper trying to frighten its readers with the same thing all the bloody time. It's like the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The first one's alrght and a bit scary, but the rest are wasting your time. Until you get to the last one, where Freddy enters the real world. God, imagine the world actually being like it's depicted in the Mail.

It feels like Groundhog Day. That would be a good thing if it meant I could punch out a Daily Mail hack in the street every day without getting arrested, but I can't so the paper should sodding well stop it. Or grant me permission to punch its hacks at random.

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Chris said...

I looked at the figures. Most fascinating.

Just to pick a small segment. In 2005 466k non Brits came in. In 2006, 194k non Brits went out. Something you don't see in the Mail or the Sun.

My mum is quite adament that 591k came in (we'll bypass the 81k that were Brits for now) and that every single one of them stays and that only the polish get jobs. It's quite amusing really.

It's also interesting in table 2. For 2006, of the 400k that left (207k of them being British), 82k didn't have a definite job.

I wonder how many of them are Mail readers who whined about scrounger immigrants. Not that it's the same thing since they may have had savings to live off for a bit, but you get what I mean.