When does the criticism of Muslims become racism? Ask the Express

The Express has the answer in today's edition (7 March). We all know the defence of the Islamophobic eejit. 'Islam is a religion, not a race, so I can't be being racist' they say. Today's Express shows where the line between legitimate criticism of a set of beliefs ends and demonisation of the people who practice it starts.

The headline is 'Straw: Muslims must learn English'.* The reality (because the reality is always different to an Express headline) is that Jack Straw has asked whether Asian women should learn English before being granted a visa. Asked, not stated, Asian, not Muslim, and women, not all. You don't need me to explain that not all Asians are Muslim and not all Muslims are Asian, or that not all Muslims are female, but I just did anyway.

This article is pretty much a textbook example of the 'Withdrawn!' tactic, so it's possible to work out what the truth is if you read the article, but still, I don't need to do any more with this do I?

*Appropriate that the opening word is 'straw', since the argument that follows it is made of straw. D'you reckon that was deliberate?

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