More boneheaded propaganda parading as news for the hard of thinking at the Sun in 'Al-Qaeda target Prince Harry'. There's even one of those lame diagrams to show what might happen, which is - and although I had been thinking about moderating my language as some people clearly do read this blog and others do link here, I can't think of a better way to describe it - fucking shit.*

I mean, yes, Prince Harry might just be sticking up out of a tank, and evil Al-Qaeda operatives might decide not to just shoot him but jump all over it to drag him away where they can wait long enough to kill him for our brave boys to come and rescue him like in a war comic.

Alternatively, they might just blow the fucking tank up like in a war.

Sorry. You look at it without swearing.

*If you've got a better description, please add it to the comments section.


Neil said...

It was nicely drawn though - did they get the bloke who does Striker 3D to do it?

Five Chinese Crackers said...

You know what they should do? Make Striker 3D have to fight Al-Qaeda with his football or something to make it like proper WWII propaganda where George Formby punched Hitler in one of his films.

Sergeant: 'Look Striker! There are some evil, swarthy Al-Qaeda types lying in wait in that building to kidnap the Prince again'.

Striker: Not to worry, I have a spare explosive football from last time! [Kicks explosive ball in unlikely curved shot that plops straight through an open window where the evil, swarthy Al-Qaeda types are hiding]

Evil, swarthy Al-Qaeda types: AIEEE!

Neil said...

Hell yes! Send that idea to Viz!