More bullshit from the Express *update*

I got a reply from the PCC about my complaint about the article in 'More bullshit from the Express'. I made a couple of predictions about what the verdict might be in 'Complaining to the PCC'. I thought they'd defend the article by saying the paper has the right to a partisan stance - although I was very careful to avoid that possibility by pointing out that no partisan stance can make 'knee' mean 'neck'. So what was the actual verdict?

There isn't going to be one.

Here's what the PCC say:
[...] it may be worth emphasising at this point that the PCC will normally only consider complaints from people who are directly affected by the matters about which they are concerned. Indeed, only in exceptional circumstances will the Commission consider a complait from someone not directly involved.

We would therefore be grateful if you could confirm that you are formally representing the Muslim Council of Britain. We would appreciate this information within ten days.
There we go. Because I'm not an official representative of the MCB it's okay to say that 'knee' means 'neck', that drawings are three-dimensional and to put quotes around phrases that don't appear in the document an article's talking about. I will post my complaint here shortly.

And as for 'exceptional circumstances' - I wasn't directly involved in the article I complained about before, but the PCC didn't use that defence. The only thing exceptional about those circumstances is that I hadn't been quite so careful with my wording so my argument was easier to take apart.

*Update update*

I haven't given up on this. I have replied to the PCC explaining why it shouldn't matter that I'm not representing the MCB. We'll see if that works.

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plain jane said...

You might be interested in this article "White woman harassed by anti-black racism" (if you haven't already seen it).