My application for Daily Mail Trainee Reporter job

You might have seen around the blogs that the Daily Mail is advertising for a trainee reporter.  Anton Vowl and Angry Mob (plus a more people in the comments at Angry Mob than I've managed to read yet) have written their own applications, so I thought I'd be a big old copycat and give it a go myself.  If you see any more around the place, mention them in the comments and I'll stick some links up here.  *UPDATE* Ooh look, here's Primly Stable.  And Daily Quail, and Cath Elliot and Doug.

Here's my application:

Dear Sue,

I'm writing to enquire about your recent advert for a Trainee Reporter at the Daily Mail.

I've reached a time in my life where I could perhaps benefit from a career change. Although I haven't had any journalistic experience, I do have a degree in English Literature and I have blogged for a number of years on the subject of the news media. I have a strong commitment to the promotion of the highest journalistic ethics and believe passionately in the necessity of a national press that shines a light in the dark, speaks up for those who would not otherwise have a voice and, above all speaks truth to power.

National newspapers have a responsibility to provide their readers with as accurate a representation of events as possible. Democracy itself relies on the public having reliable information to base their voting intention on. A cohesive society relies on having a united and co-operative people at its heart, with people treated equally and with fairness. People who are part of a minority group should be able to rely on a fair and ethical press to protect them from demonisation from those who would spread lies and disinformation about them for political or financial gain.

It is for these reasons that I've changed my mind while typing this letter and decided against applying. To be honest, the first time I was asked to massage immigration statistics, churn some skewed, exaggerated nonsense about Muslims banning things or encourage readers to become outraged about homosexuals being allowed to do something heterosexuals can, the nightmares would start.

Plus, I don't give a shit about bins.

Cheers then,

 Fingers crossed eh?


Iain said...

Genius...although I nearly choked myself with my own laughter!

Think of all the office parties and hilarious lads' nights out with Slack...good luck!

Anonymous said...

There was an Egyptian journalist on the news last night who worked for a paper that had long supported Mubarak, but has turned against him now his power has waned. It made me wonder how Mail journalists would report the news if they were released from the similar tyranny of having to go along with the editorial line in order to get paid.

Michael Greenwell said...


So what do you think your prospects are?

selena said...

How will newsrooms ever change if journalists who think differently steer away from influential newspaperslike the Daily Mail?

Impact comes through contact right?