Olympic dreaming

This morning I woke up in fits of giggles because I'd been dreaming that I'd been picked to appear at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.  For some reason, I hated the Olympics in the dream.  In real life I'm not that bothered.

That's not it.  Don't go away!

I emerged from underneath the stage at Wembley Stadium on a lift through a trapdoor, with fireworks going off, crowds cheering and waving flags, the music from the 'Minder' theme blaring as I belted out:
If you wanted to go to the fucking toilet

You have to queue up behind a thousand people

The crowd went silent.  I'm gutted that it cracked me up enough to wake up.  I really want to know how the rest of the song went.

Ever woken yourself up by laughing?


Anton Vowl said...

Clearly your desire to 'write the theme tune, sing the theme tune' means that you're desperately searching to be in control of your own life. You worry that other people don't agree with you, or that your opinions aren't what others want to hear, hence the silence when you start singing. And the Olympics implies that you have strong feelings about some kind of competitive environment in which you find yourself.

Either that or you overdid it with the Dairylea before bedtime.

That will be a thousand guineas, please.

Ernie Goggins said...

Without wishing to sink to your level, are we to assume that this fine piece of music has now been renamed "It would be so good to poo"?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Wow, in all my years I have never heard of someone waking themselves up with laughing.

Nice work if you can get it.

Left Outside said...

Does it worry you you're funnier in your sleep than when you're awake.

Maybe you should drag your laptop to bed and see what's on the screen in the morning.

I don't know anyone who's woken themselves laughing, but I do know someone who fell asleep in the shower. Which is almost equally impossible.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

@Left Oustide:

Yeah - bum off, bummy!

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Is it unusual to wake yourself up laughing? I get it every now and again.

There's a weird feeling in the dream of constriction in the chest - I think it's because your body's paralysed while you sleep and you can't actually laugh properly - and then you wake up and the laugh comes out.

I've spoken to a few people who have had that happen to them, too. Thought it was relatively common - but then what do I know?

Except that 'It would be so good to poo' would be a cracking title to the song - especially because of that bit of trombone in the middle.