Who is Julie Moult?

Remember that story about Muslim yobs trying to kick our brave boys from their new home in Windsor that turned out to be dirty monkey cack? You know, the one where it wasn't Muslims at all that did the intimidating, but probably locals moaning about the effect on house prices?

It was written by Julie Moult. Also responsible for some nonsense about Nazi raccoons.

And you know what? It is my considered opinion that Julie Moult is an idiot.

In my opinion, of course. Not objectively. Oh no.

Not just because she is responsible for one of the most atrocious bits of tabloid anti-Muslim bullshit in recent memory, but also because she has no idea of how Googlebombing works. Well, she does, because Google told her what it is, but she went ahead and wrote an article calling something Googlebombing when it wasn't anyway, because that would make a better story.

Like how Muslims hounding soldeirs out of their house would make a better story than disgruntled house owners.

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