What a difference a year makes II

Last week, I posted 'What a difference a year makes' - a rather rambling examination of how the tabloids have managed to push their usual storylines through two very separate frenzies of sensationalised coverage of two particular events.

The train of thought that led me to posting it started with me wondering exactly what the tabloids were focusing on last year, since figures suggest that knife crime was actually higher then. Of course, I remembered the Maddie story and realised why all bets were off.

But today, I've been trawling through my archives of Political Correctness Gone Mad stories because of the Anthony Browne thing. I came across this: 'Let's make up some nonsense about PC with the Sun', which referred to this Sun article: 'Why kids need to learn APCs'.*

The Sun randomly chops the end off archived articles for some reason so this A to Z ends at E, but I managed to put all the letters in my post about it. These two entries are the ones I'm on about today (below the fold):

K is for KNIVES. Schools now have the power to introduce metal detectors to search pupils for hidden weapons.

X is for X-RAY. See K is for Knives.

So, last year - tough measures to stop kids carrying knives? It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!

This year? 'Britain on alert for deadly new knife that freezes victims' organs'**.

* Hur hur, geddit? APCs! Just in case the actual Sun readers didn't geddit, the original had the PC in a red font. In a way that reminds me of being nudged in the ribs by some wag telling a funny, thus making me want to nudge them in the fucking kidneys.

** Love that 'deadly new knife'. Old knives aren't deadly. No sir. They can't freeze your spleen!


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Five Chinese Crackers said...

Yaeh - sorry I've not been around for a while. Real life and all that. I'll be knocking up a post over the next day or so.