I was beginning to worry

After last Friday's posting, I was beginning to wonder whether the contributors to the Daily Express 'Have your say' section thought immigration was a bad thing, since it's been nearly a week since they were last asked.

Thankfully, I can now tell by looking at today's 'Do we let too many immigrants into Britain?'

Maybe the answers are different to last Wednesday's 'Has Labour totally failed to control immigration?', last Monday's 'Does Britain have too many immigrants?', December 26's 'Should immigrants be made to feel welcome?', December 19's 'Is the immigration crisis getting worse and worse?', December 18's 'Has Labour lost control of the asyum crisis?' December 1's 'Should there be a limit on migrants in Britain?', November 13's 'Do immigration bosses deserve a £2m bonus', November 9's 'Should all immigration to Britain be stopped NOW?', November 3's 'Should Britain pass a law to ban migrants?', October 31's 'Should Labour stop taking in migrant workers?' October 30's 'Are there too many immigrants in the UK?', October 24's 'Should Britain be declared full?', October 22's 'Is Britain letting in too many migrants?' and so on. You never know.

Maybe the new question has something to do with the fact that tomorrow, the last 'Does Britain have too many immigrants?' question disappears from the main set of links. I wonder.*

I'm not sure 14 times in three months is enough. I think we need to be updated on how much Express readers hate immigration more often. I'd suggest a live news ticker scrolling across the front page.

Should I start taking bets on how soon the paper gets in an explicit 'Should we send them back?' question rather than the namby-pamby 'Are there too many immigrants?' shilly-shallying?

*Sarcasm. And shameless to boot.

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