All new jobs in Britain?

*UPDATE* Since posting this, I've had an email from the online editor at the Express confirming that the story's been taken doen because of an investigation by the PCC, and the PCC have confirmed that they've had six or seven complaints and the matter is being looked into. It's unusual for the paper to take down a story like this. The Express didn't take down it's Muslims tell us how to run our schools story while that was being investigated.

In an ill thought out attempt to talk some sense into the goons on the Express's 'Have your say' section, I've tried to have another look at '

Legal reasons because it's, you know, made up shite? We can but hope.

Just in case my comment disappears from the Express site too, here's part of what I've written:
All you need to do to show that the Express headline is an exaggeration is to know one person who isn't a migrant who got a newly created job in the last four years. I know several, personally. You might well too. So the headline must be an exaggeration.

Plus, I've just followed an old link to the story and it's mysteriously disappeared from the site. I've also tried googling it and using the paper's search engine, and it seems to have been taken down.

My guess is that it's been taken down for legal reasons for being misleading. Of course, I could be wrong - in which case it would be great if someone from the paper can explain where it is.

If I'm right, here's concrete evidence of the paper producing a misleading story about immigration. Still want to argue it isn't an exaggeration?
There we go.


c64glen said...

It would be a great day if the Express has finally been rumbled.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

It would be fantastic.

Especially if the article has been taken down as the result of a complaint to the PCC. The same logic behind the Express article is behind a couple of Mail articles saying 80% of new jobs have gone to migrants.

They can go too, and then maybe the ones about new houses for migrants.

But what am I saying?! This is the Press Complaints Commission we're talking about!

Anton Vowl said...

I only wish the PCC were a truly independent organisation. But often it seems to me it's like asking Dodgy Dave's roofing firm to abitrate on cowboy builders.

Still, if they do the unexpected and turn the Express over it'll be marvellous.

Chris said...

Even if the PCC finds them guilty of something it won't make a difference.

The Express has done the damage. They can handle a fine and a page 48 apology and will probably continue spewing their crap.

The PCC needs to get tough. For example having the power to stop a paper printing for x days as punishment, or as someone on Mailwatch suggested, making them print the apology at the same place and font size as the original story ran. I'd love a front page:

But you suckers believed us

Still, well done for managing to get a reply from them.