More moaning about things being un-Christian?

Depressingly, there is more about making things more Christian in the Mail, this time with 'Less Christianity, more Islam and Hinduism'. It seems the paper (and other tabloids) might be taking Melanie Phillips' suggestion* that Britain re-Christianise a bit seriously.

From the article:
Councillors accused authorities of a cover-up, saying that while the need to teach children about other world religions is obvious the lack of education on Christianity in a Christian country was going too far.
However critics reportedly insisted the nation's religion was being turned in to a sideshow in the name of political correctness.
In both of these are the 'Britain is a Christian country' theme that's mentioned in the Sun's rubbish story from my last post. That's worrying for people like me who are not Christian, and follow no religion at all.

The important bit from this article though, is this:
However when the lack of time devoted to Christianity sparked protests, Buckinghamshire education authorities reportedly removed those numbers from official documents.
You know what that means? Removing things from official documents means they are no longer Council policy. Reporting that things have been removed from official documents but not making it clear that they are no longer policy means tha the paper, again, is not interested in giving their readers an accurate impression of the truth and only in whipping up hysteria about Britain becoming - horror or horrors - secular. Like when they say Christmas has been banned.

*And the BNP's. Funnily enough, the BNP like the 'keep a proper Christmas' stuff as well. Just visit their website for more if you don't believe me. I'm not fucking linking to them.

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