Update to 'No wonder their readers are ignorant tossers'

I missed the editorial in today's Express because it isn't available online and I'm not effing paying for it. But there's this from Islamophobia Watch:
The Express editorial, headed "Allowing veils in court is a deeply disturbing move", condemns the decision as "yet another act of multicultural surrender" which has allowed "Islamic pressures to undermine yet another foundation of our society". It adds: "The very idea of a disembodied voice, steeped in a defiantly alien culture and covered entirely in black, being able to take away the liberty of any Briton is quite disgusting."
[Shudder]. This is really nasty. How has anybody undermined anything? Nobody cared for over two years. How can a lawyer take away anyone's liberty? That's a judge's job to decide - and it's hardly likely in a bloody immigration tribunal anyway. And Shabna Mughal is a bloody Briton.That last sentence makes my skin crawl. If I wasn't bothered about violating Godwin's Law, I'd be referring to the Express as 'Der Sturmer' from now on.

I was quite happy about this this morning.

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