Attack of the online cliches. And it's the Mail's fault

I'd like to aviod online cliches like, 'my irony meter has just exploded,' but goddammit, my irony meter has just exploded!

From the Daily Mail - 'Labour's stance on race 'has legitimised 'BNP'':
Labour's tough stance on race issues has backfired with many of its natural supporters switching allegiance to the British National Party, an influential party figure warned yesterday.

Former Downing Street aide Jon Cruddas said the language of the 'war on terror', debate over veils and tough talk on immigration had played into the hands of extremists and legitimised their beliefs.
Quick list of some selected headlines from the Mail since the beginning of this month:

Eastern European immigrants carry out tenth of crime
Officials patrol rivers to stop Eastern Europeans eating carp
'Polish Borat' clams groping women is normal in Eastern Europe
Britain is the country of choice for many 'feckless' Poles
Borat's guide to Britain
Polish decorators down tools and claim squatters' rights in Lawyer's flat
Exodus: A million Britons emigrate while three million enter
Cameron's pledge to cut immigration
Tories pledge new cap on economic migrants
'Abused' visa system scrapped
Tribunal delayed over veil row
Row as immigration lawyer twice defies judge to remove veil
Al-Qaeda Briton planned dirty bomb attacks
Al-Qaeda Briton 'plotted to kill thousands'
Briton 'plotted to kill thousands'
Reid's U-turn as foreign prisoners allowed back to open jail where 11 absconded
Illegal immigrant confused after ending up in Wales thinking he was in France
Bungling Home Office accused of 'systematic failures at all levels'
Government has no idea of immigrant numbers, says Bank of England chief
Muslim demonstrator found guilty of stirring up race hate, but not inciting murder
Beckett appeals to Muslims to 'stand up against terrorism'
Muslim PC barred from unit due to Al Qaeda mosque fears
Muslim PC to sue police for discrimination after removed from armed unit
Jailed terror plotter is Bin Laden's 'UK general'
British terror plotter to spend at least 40 years in prison
PC's case highlights dilemma for Yard
Muslim PC taken off Blair guard duties claims discrimination
Muslim Pc in race claim against Met
Female suicide bomber attacks Israeli troops in Gaza
Terror plotter's Twin Towers film featured explosion sound - before 9/11
Profile: Terror plotter was Hindu who converted to Islam
Bishop: Many Muslims have victim mentality
Charles must heed this Bishp who speaks his mind
Former President of Iran tells British Muslims to respect local laws
BNP leader said Islam was 'wicked'
Female academic claims Muslim veils originally worn by prostitutes
Al Qaeda internet audio tape boasts of 12,000 followers
Blair warns of 'long, deep struggle' against terrorism
Stark warning on terror threat
1600 young British Muslims under MI5 surveillance for plotting terror
Tower Hamlets replaces Guy Fawkes with Bengali fireworks festival
French eject 70 terror suspect airport workers
Coming up after Doomwatch... the end of the world

That's over 40 articles with using the language of 'the war on terror' tough talk on immigration, veil mentions and general anti-Muslim stuff in just 12 days.

But it's all Labour's fault the BNP get legitimised. Nothing to do with the Mail at all.

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