Never mind Nicholas Cage, John Travolta and Keanu Reeves as vampires - what about this guy?

There's a bit of a meme going around the internet at the moment because some old photos and a painting have surfaced of people who look a little bit like some celebrities so they must be vampires or something.  Here they are:

Vampires? via
Vampires? via
The one thing wrong with this theory is that the photos don't look that much like the celebrities they're supposed to*. As far as I'm aware, Nicholas Cage doesn't have a bent chin and enormous left ear, the painting could be Johnny Depp as easily as Keanu and the John Travolta one...well, I'll give you that one. It does look a bit like Travolta. Maybe it's something to do whith thetoos and Xena or some other kind of Scientology cobblers about curing stress by holding coke cans or something.

But I came across another quite uncanny picture via @waxnip on Twitter, who'd found an amusing picture of some street urchins.  Here it is:

Now look at the guy on the left. Here he is in close up:

Hur hhyah hyah hyah!


""I vaant to suck your blood! Hur hyah hyah hyah hyah!"

Was Sid James' 'death' not final? How many times has he 'died'?  Has Sid James carried on again?

Big hat tip to @waxnip for that one.

*Oh, alright, that's the second thing wrong with the theory, next to the fact that there are no vampires and life isn't a chuffing Twilight novel, no matter how much you fancy the bloke with the head from the films.


Anonymous said...

If there are no vampires, why is Sid James standing next to Gary Neville?

Danny Nicholson said...

And isn't that Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the far right in the suit?

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Sid James together as time-travellers? There's a film I'd pay damn good money to see.

blibble said...

Was Sid James black as a kid?