Christmas for the tabloids, I tell you!

Following yesterday's prediction, today's Express:

Not even just comparing 'white British' now?  It's 'whites' vs 'ethnics.

Hurrah for the Express, The World's Racist Newspaper! (Via @psythor).

And today's Sun:

Bonus bullshit points for saying 'foreigners'.

Hurrah for the Bum, the biggest selling English language daily in the world! (Via @FactCheck)


P. Stable said...

Who wants to tell the Express that the population of Britain is already 100 per cent "ethnic"?

That all of the Express's staff, owners and readers are from an ethnic background?

They might be from the majority ethnic group, but they are still "ethnic". Oh, wait, I forgot - they're all so fucking thick that such a concept would be lost on them.

acro said...

I am really at a loss for words to describe how much I hate the Daily Express and their racism.

Blackout said...

Hang on a minute... have The Express deliberately made those baked goods at the top reminiscent of a lady's boobies, or does that just suggest things about me that I should go away and have a think about?

Anonymous said...

Mr. BLaCKouT, it's a bit like that Katy Perry video, but less direct. But I didn't think they really did subtlety in that publication...

Anonymous said...

That 9m figure isn't right anyway. They're counting White-Irish and White-Other (incl Eastern Europeans) as non-white....and there's 2.4m so the actual number is 6.6m

Oh, and the ONS covers England and Wales only. The Evening Standard made the same error last night in calling it 'UK'.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Romans coming over here, what have they ever done for us?