How many immigration myths can you spot?

A quickie, as I leave for a week's mucking about in Scotland & the north.

Thanks to @jood88 in the small hours of this morning, I've come across 'Almost one in eight living in UK are born abroad'.

Are you scared yet? Someone you know might be, I'll whisper it - *foreign*.

The article is full of brilliant tabloid anti-immigration bullshit classics.

In a quick read through, I came across:

The one about the secret plot to make Britain more multicultural. The paper is careful to point out that Ministers denied a secret plot, and just as careful not to mention that the guy they're claiming revealed the plan also said there was no plot, and that his words had been twisted beyond recognition.

The one about David Coleman saying the cost of immigration is £8.8 billion I mentioned a couple of posts ago. You know, the one where his table of costs included a disclaimer warning not to add them to get a total because it would be misleadingly high that the Mail ignored, slapped almost a billion pounds on top of the already misleadingly high total and then changed some of the items to say 'immigrant' instead of 'ethnic minority'. That one.

How many more can you spot, readers?


The immigration scare story bullshit bingo results in this story also include:
  • 70 million! Panic!
  • Immigration contributes a city the size of...
  • Aaargh! Babies! 1 in 4 births to foreign mothers!
  • Huge number of East Europeans based on workers permit figures
  • The UK now has a bigger proportion of migrants than France and Italy! (Except, according to the UN, France has a bigger percentage and the UK has had a higher proportion than Italy since at least 1990)
  • Quote from UKIP
  • Quote from MigrationWatch chief and Steven Seagal fan, Sir Andrew Green
    Do we have a potential first proper broadsheet contender for the 5cc tabloid bullshit of the month award?


    Doctor_Fruitbat said...

    I work with at least five immigrants every single day of my life, and we somehow manage to chat, banter, joke and gossip about the same basic cultural what-nots with little to no difficulty whatsoever. And if someone dares talk about something from another culture to our own (DUN-DUN-DUN!!!) we take a polite interest.

    It's amazing how relatable and un-scary people become when you actually treat them like human beings and not the aliens from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Philip said...

    Is the Torygraph really a proper broadsheet? I mean a proper one? I thought it was a broadsheet in the same sense as the Indy is now a tabloid.

    Makhno said...

    It used to be a proper broadsheet, and a good one if you avoided the comment pages. It's now become a sort of large-format Daily Mail. A sad fate.