Top of the Nazi pops!

Today, the Mail changed the layout of its website to put a banner for something even more important than news about Britney Spears' legs and potential strikes at the top of the page. Apparently - get ready for this - Eva Braun blacked up this one time! Oh my god! Why, it's almost as if she was racist or something.

The banner's gone now, sadly. But you can still see the story about the fun side of the Nazis. Ah, those lovable Nazis. The Mail seems to love telling us exactly how much of a barrel of laughs they were. Here's a top 10.  Break out the hats and noisemakers for your very own Nazi party:

Today's banner before it disappeared (Hat tip: Steven Baxter)

10. He was the genial dentist who cuddled him as a child. But then Martin Davidson found his grandfather's secret past as a proud Nazi SS officer - Lovely man?  Lovely NAZI more like!

9. 'Mild mannered' Hitler enjoys marmalade for breakfast (... but he hates being watched): The observations of a PoW revealed - By day, he was a mild mannered murderous dictator, but by night...he was...a murderous dictator!  As secret identities go, it's abit of a crap one.

8. Hitler's Christmas party: Rare photographs capture leading Nazis celebrating in 1941 - Look at that first photo.  Not looking mild mannered at all.  He's been in a phone box to change.

7. Oh what a lovely war! The dazzling photos of innocent Parisian fun that make the French so ashamed -Ah, fun in occupied France.  Bad.  Says so in the headline.  But what about laughing in a concentration camp?  You'll see.

6. Hitler was the perfect boss: Former maid breaks her silence on the 'charming' dictator - Man, this woman must have had some shit bosses.

5. Hitler at home: Rare photographs show how the Nazi leader relaxed while he waged war - He had doilies!  He liked marmalade!  How could he be evil?

4. Ve haf vays of making you laugh: The Nazi postcards that reveal German sailors' sense of humour - Bet they bombed the shit out of the Royal Navy while wearing Groucho Marx disguises.

3. Hitler the comedian: The Nazi leader's bodyguard reveals a different side to the dictator - He had a character called 'Chalky' apparently.

2. Blacked up and in a bow tie: Eva Braun in party mood as rare set of pictures of Hitler's wife are unearthed - Today's story.  Weird how you have to click 'most recent' to sort through the list of articles about Eva Braun on a newspaper website.  Hitler's missus blacked up, Hitler loved marmalade, but the Mail still thinks taking the golliwog off Robinson's jam is PC Gone Mad.

And, the number one 'Oh, the Nazis! Such fun!' article is (drumroll please)...

1. Day off from Auschwitz: The laughing death-camp guards at play

Those laughing death camp guards. So playful.

To be fair, that pretty much exhausts the fun Nazi stories on the Mail site - but sod it. I'm not being fair. I'm laughing at the Daily Mail, probably the only paper to have a Nazi section.  It might not be though.  I never checked.

Hat tips:  Steven Baxter and Chris Atkins


Andy McDandy said...

"Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer."

"...to show the world the true Hitler, the Hitler you loved, the Hitler you knew, the Hitler with a song in his heart!"

" "Springtime for Hitler" a gay romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden... Wow!"

"Will the dancing Hitlers please wait in the wings! We are only seeing singing Hitlers..."

lushd said...

The navy postcards story is best ... the light hearted side of the Nazi war machine... how could anyone live with themselves after writing that caption? Thanks for this - it's brilliantly creepy. Looking forward to "The Jolly Side of Comrade Stalin"!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. What the Mail is saying is the Nazis weren't all bad, they were just a bit misunderstood, that's all. Ok, so the death camps were a bit OTT, but the Jews were a dangerous minority who were threatening the indigenous culture (a bit like the Muslims in modern Britain, in fact). They had to do something.


Anonymous said...

"Bildblog" (german) http://www.bildblog.de/28612/das-comeback-der-eva-braun/

writes the photo is not new and that "life" magazine and ghettyphotos never claimed it was.

Anonymous said...

I am looking at some of the comments on the Eva Braun article left by the Mail readers. Some of the comments are quite sickening, including the votes they received.

I think Tony who wants to remove Hitler does have a point. The Mail seems to idolise Hitler and his ilk with "new" photos and so on. He has been downvoted a large amount.

The comment about Eva Braun's "great body" seems to be popular with the Mail readers.