Daily Mail. So totally not racist.

We're like, so not racist.
Hot on the heels of the weekend's latest call to keep the numbers of the non-whites down, the Mail has a story at the top of the website homepage to show it's totally not racist or anything.

'Race row at Pizza Hut after six black footballers are told: 'Pay for your meal BEFORE you eat... because of the way you look''.  See?  Can't be racist.  The paper wants smartly dressed black men to be treated nicely in restaurants.

It's just, you know, got to keep their numbers down, eh?  Don't want too many running around.  'People' might not like it. 

What?  The headline looks like it's been changed to remove the word 'racism'?  Umm...move along.

Update:  Less than half an hour after I posted this, the story slipped from the top slot.  How long was it there?  A few hours?  That'll take care of it.

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Robert said...

Racist or not they do have problems I think with more then just colour, another time I was on crutches and ghosh golly McDonald's asked me to leave as the place was full and I might trip up somebody.

Woolworth's before it closed down refused to allow me into the store saying people would fall over my wheelchair or I might run into people.

Then they asked a young mother with a push chair to leave as the store was to full it was health and safety.

life's a bummer is it not.