Petulant stamping!

An early contender for November's 5cc tabloid bullshit of the month award has cropped up in the Express.

Via TabloidWatch and Minority Thought (who were way quicker than me so got bigged up by Roy Greenslade), I see that according to the Express, the Royal Mail have banned religion. Quite when Postmen got these new powers is unclear.

Actually, what's really happened is that they have produced Wallace & Gromit stamps this year, and you can choose whether to buy those or Jesusy ones if you like.

When I first covered the recurring story of the Royal Mail banning Christmas back in 2006, all that was happening was that they were alternating between religious and non-religious stamps every other year.

According to the Express, introducing the option to buy religious stamps on non-religious stamp years, which the Royal Mail did three years ago, counts as banning religion.

Just so I'm clear - demanding that people should not have the option to choose between doing something religious and doing something fun is not being a politically correct Killjoy, right?

Yet again, the Express appears a crap parody of the Mail written by someone who doesn't understand the Mail.

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