You can bloody mention immigration! You bloody can!

No time to post at the moment, which is a right pain since we've been lurching from Clegg being laughably accused of saying we're worse than the Nazis to being told prematurely that Cameron has won the election to insinuations of domestic violence in the Clegg household to the Prime Minister mentioning in what he thought was private that a possibly bigoted woman was a bigot.  Fun times.

Maybe I'll do a run down of the campaign bullshit after the election, but I might be too busy pinwheeling my board with a nail in it in a frenzied fight to the death for the last tin of baked beans in the inevitable societal meltdown a hung parliament will cause.

I do want to say this, though.  The Daily Mail headline today makes me want to create that weapon early, and crash through the entrance to Northcliffe house on a scrambler, holding my shiny new board with a nail in it aloft and screaming, "I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war." 

Look at the headline and the lead in, in all it's faecal glory:
'Politicians' censorship of any debate on immigration explodes as Brown brands 66-year-old care worker a bigot - DEMONISED: THE GRANNY WHO DARED TO UTTER THE I-WORD'
There's apparently censorhip of any debate on immigration, despite there having been two leader's debates that both included debate on immigration and the almost inevitability of it now being included again in tonight's debate, making a clean sweep of all three leader's debates.

Whether Brown was justified or not in calling her a bigot, he did not censor Gillian Duffy.  She mentioned immigration and Brown caleld her a bigot, thinking he was doing so in private, after she said what she wanted about immigration.

She was not demonised for saying 'immigration'.  She was called a bigot for what she said about immigration - or at least for what Brown thought she meant.

Pretending you're not allowed to talk about immigration while talking about little else is possibly the most spectacular piece of hypocritical lying the bigot press gets away with.  Gordon Brown thought he was saying something in private.  The Daily Mail, in the most public fashion possible, is actually demonising Brown for expressing his opinion, even in private.

Who's the PC Brigade again?

If you want to read spectacular stuff that properly examines the whole affair rather than engage in violent Mad Max fantasies see, Chicken Yoghurt, Blood and Treasure and Marina Hyde at the Graun.


Mephitis said...

I like Mad Max fantasies. :D Not the ones with Tina Turner in, tho.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

I don't know what to make of that!

I've just noticed the one thing I love about that front page. Duffy's expression looks like Kenneth Williams' towel has accidentally slipped from his waist just out of shot.