They sure do grow up fast!

The Mail have been trying to make us frightened of babies for three years, with the first mention of an immigrant baby boom on the Mail website coming in March 2007's 'Immigrant  baby boom puts NHS under strain'.

Last August though, with immigration levels beginning to decrease, the paper needed a new hook to hang its scare stories on, and the baby boom made the front page for the first time in the front page on the left.

In September, the paper started to alarm us with the need for primary schools to teach these children, in ''Immigrant baby boom' to cost taxpayers £1bn in new primary school places'.  It's a population time bomb!

Then, last Friday, we had 'Portakabin primaries: Immigrant baby boom has schools overflowing'.  You only have to read the article past the opening to see all the other things that have led to a rise in the number of kids at primary school, which TabloidWatch did, to see how much of a non-story this is.  But immigration figures just ain't cutting it any more, so the paper needs to ramp it up to frighten us with the new menace to society.

Babies.  Babies who become [cue creepy music] children.

These migrants are giving birth to mutant children who grow up fast enough to overcrowd primary schools within three years of being born.  Truly superpowered mutant children.  Be afraid, readers.

My take from last August

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sianandcrookedrib said...

was stunned by the header image and headline. so, daily mail, what exactly is a 'real woman'?