Troll schadenfreude

It's been nearly four years since I started this blog.  I've been having a nostalgic look through the archive today.  It's a mixed bag of bum jokes and whining, and I used to swear a fuck of a lot.

One thing I've never had much trouble with is trolling.  The only real brush I've had with trolls was back in January 2008, when some goon followed me here from the Daily Express 'Have your say' section and popped up in comments under 'Thank you, Daily Express - it’s good to see that you have finally caught up with the BNP', calling himself TV Licence.

I came accross the comments today and smiled at the criricisms of 5cc, which in a nutshell were:

1.  I'd assumed he was a BNP supporter
2. "Can you imagine anyone on the right spending all day everyday doing this on one of your left wing rags ?"
3.  I use copyrighted images on the blog
4.  "Christ look around paper he couldn't even build his own website he's just a twisted nut" - because at the time I used one of Blogger's pre-built templates

Naturally, I told him to bugger off.

TV Licence is now called TVLR and has his own blog, 'TV Licence Resistance Blog'.  Imagine my half interested snort of amusement when I clicked on the link to the blog and saw:

1.  He supports the BNP
2.  He spends the time on his blog 'doing this on' the 'left wing' BBC
3.  He uses copyrighted images
4.  He uses one of Blogger's pre-built templates.  And it's the same one I did.

That's the beauty of the internet.  You'll always find someone who's more of a loser than you.


Anonymous said...

"That's the beauty of the internet. You'll always find someone who's more of a loser than you."

I can't be looking hard enough.

Mike said...

Just had a look at his blog - he even tries to defend the BNP interview where the Nazi Mark Collett of the BNP made racist comments about Ashley Cole.
TVLR is a disgusting racist moron.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Don't start me on trolls mate, I've had an obsessive with serious mental health issues and a limited life for bloody ages now, he is currently trolling round Lib Con pretending to be me and anyone else and trying to accuse me of being a pedo, a rapist or both.

You have to laugh really.

And call the police...

Akela said...

I briefly had a troll who liked to accuse me of hanging around children's play grounds in a plastic mac. Lovely!