The builders have gone!

Yes, they're gone. Back to Poland, I shouldn't wonder. As ever, they've left a bit of a mess for me to clean up, so some of the sidebars need fixing and stuff.

Also, I've got a proper URL and that, so if the 'Followers' menu isn't working, that'll be why. Could you point all your liks to www.fivechinesecrackers.com please and that'll sort everyone out.

Thanks man.

**UPDATE** Arses! I spent hours sticking in the right code on every post for the official blogger 'read more' widget to work properly, and importing the template has buggered it up! Might be a while before the next post.

Nope! It's fixed! I win!


PH said...

Google Reader brought me here correctly. Hooray!

Unknown said...

Me too.

Nice place you've put together, like it.

D. Quail (expat) said...


Looks spangly. My Google reader redirected here without a quibble, btw.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Looking nice and a wee bit corporate but in a good and very serious way.

Sim-O said...

Very nice. they did alright, didn't they.