When is an immigrant not an immigrant?

Yesterday, Anton Vowl linked to a columnists take on the 'immigrant baby boom' figures in the Telegraph's 'Britain needs a middle-class baby boom'. The veil over the racism was so tattered and threadbare as to be completely transparent.

Not to be outdone, the Mail today has Amanda Platell's 'Why this baby boom will make us all go bust', which does the job of columnist I described in 'Columnists: Creators of imaginary worlds'. Platell tells us what the paper can't say in its news coverage, which must at least have the illusion of being honest. Right there in the second sentence, Platell says:
We are now the second most densely populated country in the world, something that will be all too apparent on the roads and trains this bank holiday weekend.
See, that stat didn't make it into the news coverage because it's a lie. Here's a list of countries ordered by population density. The United Kingdom is 52nd.

Following that dirty great fib, Platell outlines what the problem is with the new figures. Apparently:
Sadly, though, it is not the indigenous middle-class, hard-working, tax-paying population that's exploding.

According to statistics, our latest baby boom is partly down to high birth rates among immigrants, and partly due to rising numbers of younger mothers.
Presumably, Platell counts herself as middle-class, hard-working and tax-paying. She probably counts herself as 'indigenous' too. Like Melanie Macdonagh in the Telegraph, she is an immigrant, but counts other immigrants as not being any of those things. I wonder why? Do you think the BNP dog-whistle word 'indigenous' might provide a clue?

After some generic old cobblers about benefits driving the rise in birth rates, she asks this:
My other worry is this: how many immigrant mums have contributed anything to this country before landing us with another child to educate in our already struggling schools?
Although Platell has no kids, it doesn't seem as though she counts herself as an immigrant. See?:
At a time when the very core of Britishness is threatened, shouldn't we be concerned about this?

We're told mass immigration is crucial to keep Britain booming, that we need foreign workers.

In fact, as other figures showed this week, more than five million Brits have never worked under Labour, which suggests that far from importing workers, we need to get our own population into jobs.
Fuck off then Amanda. Your presence is keeping 'indigenous' [shudder] Brits out of work.

Except you count yourself as British. It's just other immigrant women who threaten the very core of Britishness. Why is that?

It's priceless that two articles wringing their hands about the threat about immigrant mothers giving birth were written by immigrants who count themselves out of that group. I wonder what makes these white women think they can count themselves firmly out as immigrants. Maybe it'll come to me.


Carmen D'Cruz said...

Thank you thank you thank you!
I got so angry reading both these articles, I had to spend almost an entire morning at work looking up Penn and Teller Youtube videos to cheer myself up before I could write my vitriolic blog rant.

I'm one of those "Second generation immigrants" and yet my single mother never once referred to me or my brother as "meal tickets 1 & 2". Life was actually pretty hard surviving on the paltry excuse for a benefits system we have in this country, and my mum (forcefully at times) pushed us to work hard in school and not get knocked up so we wouldn't have to go through all the bullshit she did.

I remember a time not so long ago when "second generation immigrants" weren't a problem - we were integrated then, listening to Michael Jackson and Take That. It'd make me want to put a jihad on her if I didn't benefit the UK from all the "freebies" like paying into the UKs pension pot and whatever else my taxes are spent on through the wages I work really hard for (when I'm not blogging).

FFS I'm bringing up the national IQ average? What the fuck are these wankers doing?

Sorry for the rant, I'm slightly tipsy.

Integrate that, bitches :-)

Mike Booth said...

Bizarrely, the top-rated comments beneath that article are all taking Ms Platell to task:

""How many of them are married or even have their children's father around? How many have jobs or are supported by someone who does? How many live off benefits?"

You tell us, Amanda. You have researched this haven't you?"


"Correct me if I'm wrong Ms Platell, but aren't you an immigrant? So what are you contributing to the UK?

Your conclusions don't make any sense. You provide no evidence to support your outrageous claim that all immigrants are on benefits and if more children of foreign mothers (like you) are born here then they will be far easier to educate because they will almost certainly grow up speaking English.

Must try harder Amanda."

Are all the usual Mail readers away for the weekend?

Sonofajoiner said...

"Integrate that, bitches :-)"

And this is now my favourite saying ever.

Platell and that other one have certainly open my eyes.
My sisters are both pere- and post- up-the-duff. I'm not totally sure which social class they belong to (I think they shop at Primark though which I believe is now one of the main indicators of poverty) but I do know that one of them has had the temerity to breed with one of them foreign sorts. And they are struggling something mighty financially speaking. But clearly this is all an act as she is obviously raking it in from all those enormous benefit payments that their child, by dint of being a semi-non-indigenous-demi-second-gen console, must be eligible for. Plus the child is white so they'll be able to 'pass' almost undetected amongst the indigenous population. It's shocking to think that one day this socially and culturally undesirable child could one day be in a position to work hard and pay taxes and volunteer at charity shops and help old ladies across the road or even write racist diatribes for national newspapers putting dishonest, unpleasant Australians out of work. It's an outrage I tells you, AN OUTRAGE.

Sadly, my other sister will have to struggle on with nothing until her child is stolen under the governments child-kidnap scheme because she was silly enough to only get impregnated by another UK aborigine thanks to ZaNULIebOrE and their crazy immigration-reducing policies.

Bucket of Tongues said...

Let's face it, she's like a prostitute of a journalist - will say anything for cash. Tawdry in the extreme.