How the Daily Mail baits its readers

1. Select a juicy maggot of a headline, like 'Europe is on the brink of a new race war'.

2. Stick it above a story specifically about Bosnia, which has bugger all to do with Europe as a whole.

3. Wait for readers to connect the dots.

Baroness Warsi and her group would be much better directed to do similar projects in England (not UK) where such Balkanisation is taking place because of uncontrolled immigration. There are plenty of sink estates and areas that could do with this kind of attention and motivation, but it's not such an exotic location and perhaps doesn't provide the same feelgood factor. Nevertheless, it might also provide political benefits in extending Conservative sphere of influence. Charity begins at home.

- Jeffrey, Reading, England, 16/8/2009
Jeffrey gets bonus points for 'England (not UK)'.
Reading the headlines, I thought that at last a commentator on one of the big papers had woken up to the reality of Europe's future - next 20, 30, 40 years. In that time, and due to the sheer stupidity of European governments, and above all, our own, any race war in Bosnia is likely to be tiny to what may well happen in the rest of Europe. Search for El Inglese, Gates of Vienna to get a horrifying glimpse to what could happen. Wake up Britain - we are like Weimar Germany before Hitler came to power.

- Brian, Cardiff, 16/8/2009 10:27
Twenty per cent of the nation continues to live below the poverty line and one quarter of the workforce is unemployed.

Don't worry Tobias, the EU is working on it, and soon all countries will have 25% unemployment and 20% living below the poverty line, all in the name of reckless expansion and equalisation down to the lowest level.
Anyway the EU wannabe millionaires doesn't care, it's gets more land and people to legislate for and we get rogues, ragamuffins and potential jihadists for the exorbitant fee to loose our national self determination.

- W Ferguson, Bangor, 16/8/2009
Bonus points there for mentioning 'potential jihadists' in a comment on an article referring to a war in which Muslims were the victims of ethnic cleansing.
The UK should get out of the EU when we get rid of Brown and this corrupt government. The EU only costs us money, we have other countries telling us what to do, we have to allow unlimited immigration, the French are allowing illegal immigrants to cross the Channel unhindered instead of shipping them out of France back where they come from.

- Mike, ex pat, Brit tax paying OAP
From listeing to Dacre's evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, it seems that to editors, headlines mean little more than the juvenile practice of heading up fliers with, 'SEX! Now we've got your attention...'. So, the editor knows the paper's readers' buttons will be pushed by the words 'race war', and uses a non-specific headline to attract them.

If he thought the readers wouldn't then connect the dots and make stupid conclusions about the UK and the rest of Europe, he must be a very naive person indeed.


Helen Highwater said...

Oh hurrah, an ex-pat whining about people emigrating to the UK!!!!!!

(the word verification is "tesser"... so close).

devolute said...

You're like a smarter version of 'Speak Your Brains' this week ;-)

Anton Vowl said...

I have a rule when it comes to messageboard / internet story comments. Generally anyone who ever says 'charity begins at home' is a total arse.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

*smacks head against desk and cries a bit at stupidity of humanity*