Quick prediction

Hello people. Light posting at the moment - wouldn't you know it, just after taking a break real life gets so heavy that everything else is a minor distraction, but I'd like to do four things.

1) Send you over to Tabloid Watch to witness another MigrationWatch sourced scare story nailed between the eyes.

2) Send you over to No Sleep Til Brooklands to see a perfect dissection of the tabloid red herring, amusingly applied to herrings. This technique works beautifully with PC Gone Mad stories - just as well as those that seek to excuse torture that led to someone's death, which is nice.

3) Send you over to the Enemies of Reason for coverage of an embarrassingly poor apology and defence of clear reversing-the-truth distortion in the Telegraph.

4) Make a quick prediction. Bugger all of any consequence will happen at Andy Coulson's evidence session with the Culture and Media Select Committee. No angsty confessions, nothing. Even if Coulson goes - and I don't think he will - the outcome will be wringing of hands and a show of ultimately useless reforms that lead to nothing more than hacks having to keep it secret from their editors when they do anything underhand. Remember how quickly Paul Dacre, in his evidence to the Committee, went from saying the use of information agents would 'never happen again' to saying 'long may we be free to do that' about the exact same thing?

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Hope all clears up in real life to enable you to have a good real life and virtual life.

Hope that makes sense.

Off to read your suggestions, peace out!