It's my ball and I'm going home

Apparently, it's time for the Total Politics poll of weblogs again. As usual, I found out about it by reading it on someone else's blog. This year I'm not playing, and I've emailed to get my name taken off the list. I have two reasons (below the jump):

1. I think Iain Dale has treated Tim Ireland in a way that gives 'shabby' a newer, harsher meaning. I've never been a massive fan of what I've seen of his conduct with comments and so on anyway.

2. I never even got round to mentioning my position last year because whatever happens, it won't give me anything funnier to use as a strapline than '74th best left of centre blog 2007'.

So there. Not playing.


eric the fish said...

perhaps the person who was 75th will feel better now!

Being Number 1 on google for inter alia "pubs in leeds belgian beer" is enough kudos for me. That and the free sex.

Ernie Goggins said...

While admiring Eric's efforts, would to be wrong to mention my own No. 1: "Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks grapple fake hookers"

Five Chinese Crackers said...

I'll have to have a proper look at my stats now, but after yesterday's post I'm top search result for 'Paul Dacre's robot arm'.

merrick said...

I'm number one for "an old man wanking into a sock".

Awards of all kinds baffle me. When Kissinger gets a Nobel Peace Prize and Chicago sweeps the Oscars, what can such awards mean?

I like Woody Allen's approach. He's had nothing to do with the Oscars. When he's won, they've had to send it to him. He gave them to his mother who keeps them on top of her wardrobe.

When Rolling Stone proclaimed REM as 'the best band in the world', Michael Stipe responded by pointing out who else has had that said about them, and that acclaim is not what we work for.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Shabby don't even cover it.

Lowlife scum bag is closer to Dale's behaviour.