Aaargh! A foreign worker scare story! You're on your own now.

James Slack, yesterday

I've mentioned it before, but sometimes it gets mania-inducingly boring to look though tabloid nonsense, because so much of it is repeated, seen it all before, why are you bothering with that one again when it wasn't even right in the first place, lazy old poo.

I mean, churnalism is one thing, but when you just pick up an excuse to churn your own stuff - man, you're on easy street.

Today sees a James Slack special in the Mail headlined 'British jobs for foreign workers: Experts reveal 70% of new jobs taken by migrants'. Now there's a revelation. I thought it was ALL the jobs.

I'm now going to pull off a trick that makes me lazier than James Slack - hurrah! Here are three old posts of mine that explain why this story is cobblers. Read them if you're interested. It's funny that I was already fed up with the relentless repetition of this whining-cack-in-your-pants when I wrote the earliest one.

Foreign worker scare stories - a survival guide
When there's no more room in Hell - the immigration scare story will walk the Earth
Migrants take ALL 85% most new jobs in Britain

Job done.

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Andrew Bartlett said...

Please don't liken Bub the zombie to James Slack. Bub is more intellegent and aware than average. Indeed, he is a forerunner to 'Big Daddy' of Land of the Dead, the revolutionary leader of the zombie horde.

Slack couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have their braiiiiiiiiiiiiiins.