Well done, the Daily Express

After a week away from all things tabloid, I've come back and chucked myself into the deep end, wading through the foetid waters of the Daily Express. Come on in, the water's pooey.

There's been something I've been meaning to say for ages now about the Express 'Have Your Say' section, but haven't got round to it - probably because it's something a bit nice.

For quite some time, the Express has successfully avoided asking 'How much do you hate foreigners and immigration' style questions that used to be the staple over there at one point. Fair play to them. Well done, the Daily Express.

Of course, they've been replaced with different types of question that ask 'How much of a moron is Gordon Brown?', 'Does Gordon Brown smell of dirty bums?' and 'Is Gordon Brown's mum a slapper?' but you can't have everything.

For some reason, the Express seems to hate the police too. I headed over to 'SHOULD POLICE SPEND MORE TIME FIGHTING CRIME?' to find out why. The question is apparently based on the story about a man who was fined for dropping a tenner. The most recent reply says:
anything that brings in a fixed penalty,contributes to their job justification.But what is crime these days,the police the CPS ,courts and judges all work together ensuring the real criminals are out on the streets ASP ensuring their job CREATION SCHEME has a continual flow,"why bite the hand that feeds you", one BIG CIRCUS,I have as much faith in our law as I have in MP,s
That's the sort of conspiracy theory I miss, staying away from the Express. The police are deliberately working to ensure that real criminals are on the streets to justify their existence. Sometimes you can try to be nice to someone and treat their opinions with respect, but it's quicker to just say, 'sorry mate, that's just stupid!' and make funny faces at them. Preferably emphasising the 'stupid' so much that your voice distorts and your face goes a bit red.

Anyway, well done the Daily Express for stopping the practice of adding 'Please enter your racist BNP supporting rant here' forms in the 'Have Your Say' section.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

It's a sad day when it's good news that a national newspaper is no longer picking on 'foreigners'.

For now at least...

Five Chinese Crackers said...

It is sad, isn't it? I'd like to have a 'well done, the Express' post about how the paper had stopped distorting the truth and making stuff up to make its readers hate Muslims and immigrants, but you take what you can get.

I notice the '85 sharia courts' story had comments turned off. It seems that the Express has realised it attracts strange conspiracy theorising bigots into its comments section, but instead of examining why it attracts them, it just tries to minimise the damage by taking away their ability to express the thoughts the paper's approach leads them to.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

That last bit sums up how many people utilise comments in general, when they have them, they do not see the connection between what the comments draw out and the thing that is being commented on.

It is not just the Express that misses that point.