Mail Online polls

A quick one before I go.

Hmm...I wonder what way the Mail wants us to vote

Anton at Enemies of Reason reveals how a Mail Online poll got ridiculousy skewed today by people on Twitter having a laugh (might set up a Twitter account while I'm away - we'll see). When I voted earlier today, it had shot up to 95% of people saying that yes, gypsies should be allowed to jump doctor queues. It was great. I checked in to see how much of a caning the poll was getting just now only to find - whoosh! It had gone. In your face, the Daily Mail.

I don't have a problem with the paper removing the poll. Yesterday's one where the paper took another pasting over wheelie bins is still there (60% are against the Mail's campaign right now), so it must have been removed because the results were unfairly skewed. Fair enough.

Here comes the but. (Eek!)*

The Mail sometimes prints stories about the BNP and immigration that get hundreds of pro-BNP comments, which get ridiculously uprated from BNP supporters bangining them in to create the impression that the goons have much more support than they actually do. The paper is happy to leave these in place. So what's the difference?

Is it because supporting the pro-gypsy option gives a result that doesn't support what the paper does?

* Bloody hell, not again! I've just made myself think of Sammy Davis Jr singing 'here come the judge' with the words changed and his bum out. I'm gonna have nightmares again.


Ernie Goggins said...

Sammy Davis Junior nicked that routine off Pigmeat Markham. The truth must be told!

Guy said...

I wanted to post on there to help get the anti-Mail vote as high as possible, but look what happened.

Shortly after this they pulled the poll completely. I agree if it had been skewed by BNP-ers in favour of their campaign there is no way they'd have pulled it. It's all about preaching to the converted of course.