Richard Littlejohn's compassion

Sorry for those of you waiting for another Barnbrook post. It'll have to wait until I get back from the stag do I'm off to this afternoon.

In the meantime, here's another quick look at how Richard Littlejohn is a twat, because it's quick and very, very easy to do.

Richard Littlejohn, in 'I'm proud to announce that Britain leads the world in moat-dredging', 14 May 2009:
Google the phrase 'retarded homophobes' and it turns up regularly in gay rights propaganda. So the use of the insult by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering was no accident.

We've become used to the tiresome bigotry of homosexual fundamentalists smearing anyone remotely opposed to even the wilder excesses of the gay 'lifestyle'. But the accusation of mental handicap is relatively recent. It marks a new low in the nastiness of what was once a perfectly respectable cause.
Richard Littlejohn, in 'Zippo the Clown and the Trumpet Taliban', 25 September 2008:
Having stuck with my tried-and-trusted policy of covering conferences from as far away as possible, I glazed over about five minutes into the speech before turning the sound off and wandering into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

It didn’t look much better on mute, so I started switching channels.

Gordon was up against Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, on UK Gold.

If you want to see some accident-prone retard, 30 years out of date, stumbling from one fiasco to another, Frank Spencer wins hands down.
A 'new' low in nastiness? Wuuurgh! You couldn't make it up!

**UPDATE** I hate looking at Littlejohn's rubbish. You spot one thing you want to mention and then something else pops out at you that's rubbish two minutes later that you really should just let go. Anyway, from today's poo:
Sent in by Simon Lorimer: 'Lead Project Worker, Play In Prisons Project, £20,406 a year.

'The successful candidate will provide maternity leave cover for the Play In Prisons Project Manager and then work alongside the manager on her return.'

You couldn't make it up.
Just imagine. Someone who's job it is to make people play in prisons. Imagine hardened criminals playing hopscotch, marbles and skipping! You really couldn't make it up! Wurrgh!

Except, from 'Play in prisons: Doing it justice' on the Play England website:
The seminar brought together, policy makers, prison staff and play providers to explore why play provision is an essential service for children visiting family members in prisons. The seminar also explored how play provision can be provided in prisons and how to ensure children visiting prison receive a quality service.
It's for children visiting prisons, allowing them to play with the people they're visiting. Not for prisoners playing with each other That's a little less mad. You wouldn't have to make that up. Mybe that's why Littlejohn leaves that detail out. What do you think?


burkesworks said...

When I saw the header, I was expecting the shortest post I've ever seen...

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Ah, but I was being all ironical and that, innit?

Robin Ince said...

I enjoyed Littlejohn declaring that he used to sing a long to Glad to be Gay. hmmm, it would have been as believable if he'd said " we all used to give blow jobs for Clash tickets"