Richard Barnbrook sidelined for BNP Euro election campaign?

Why wouldn't you be proud of a man who can't even wear a belt properly? Knob.

I had to laugh last week when the BNP's Activists' and Organisers' Handbook and BNP Language & Concepts Discipline Manual got some coverage in the press.*

It was all too easy to see our favourite London-based fascist in the pages describing 'Walter Mitty characters' and 'oddballs'.

The Internet is also populated by superficially convincing conspiracy theorists. A few of these theories may actually be true, but the general public are unlikely to work that out, so for nationalists to accept and publicise them would only allow the media to portray us as cranks. If you have any such 'hobbyhorses', keep them strictly to yourself, don't discuss them at meetings and don't post them anywhere in cyberspace.
[From part 23, 'Technology', of Activists' and Organisers' Handbook.]
I wonder if they mean conspiracy theories like:
Most of it [real crime, which is done on the streets, as opposed to fake crime, which presumably goes on in buildings and forests] is being done by immigrants or by the sons of immigrants who have been protected by a despicable government desperate for the Ethnic Block-Vote.
Which appeared in an early version of Barnbrook's blog post Blame the Immigrants before it was swiftly removed from the post.

Or maybe they mean posts like one that was incredibly swiftly stuffed in the memory hole - the classic Throw the lot out - which included this:
Labour want to keep the terrorists here because they depend on the votes from the Muslims, and the Muslims have assured Labour that they will always vote for them as long as they don't come down too hard on any suicide bombers or jihadists.
The BNP also say:
never speak of the situation in Britain as hopeless or of British society as corrupt to the point of worthlessness.
[Bold and underlining in original. Sorry. From rule 10 of BNP Language & Concepts Discipline Manual]
I wonder if this rule had anything to do with the infamous Blame the Immigrants being removed from the blog completely, since it said, comically:
I have no time for these liberals. I despise them.....not for their person, but for their values....for everything that they believe in, although I am not so sure that they even believe it. I am talking about all these dirty politicians and journalists who sit in their homes smoking their drugs and telling themselves they have made Britain better. Well its not. Its a cess-pit and its the young people who have to swim in its filth.
Cess pit, eh?

Barnbrook has also recently stopped his practice of giving 'Walter Mitty' style interpretations of his performance in Mayor's Question Time while linking to actual footage exposing the reality of his abysmal performance, which sees him often impatiently dismissed, or openly laughed at and made to look a fool. Not by stopping the bits where he pretends to have really stumped the Mayor when in fact he's been told off for eating a banana or something, but by leaving out the links to the actual videos.

In fact, quite a lot seems to have been left out of Barnbrook's blog recently. I'm not just talking about New'd Labour in which he includes 'hilarious' pictures of himself and a woman in her underwear standing outside Jaqui Smith's house, but leaves out the detail that he stuffed mucky books through her letterbox (Google it - it was covered on the BNP site). I mean the entire blog. There hasn't been anything there for the best part of a month - despite his having led the BNP charge at the St George's celebrations in London last week, and the whole thing has been pretty anodyne for quite a while now.

Activists' and Organisers' Handbook is now missing rules 14 and 15, as pointed out by Eric the Fish. Don't be fooled into thinking this means the BNP have dropped the idea that tere can't be Black or Asian Britons. Griffin himself appeared on Radio 4 to defend the idea after all.

It seems that the BNP have realised what those of us who oppose them have known for ages. That the BNP themselves are our best asset. Whether it's their members and representatives or their actual policies and rules, things seem to be disappearing all over the place. It should be worrying for the party that its member with the most political power and potentially the highest profile in the party needs to be censored so often and hidden from you. Mind you, given the picture at the top here, you can understand why, eh?

*You'll have to Google them if you want a look, I'm afraid. I have a policy of not linking to the shovel-headed goons' own website.


Robin Ince said...

"told off for eating a banana or something" made me laugh out loud. Another excellent examination of Barnbrook.

Richard T said...

Is the camp crusader our boy Dicky? If so he ought to know St George was not exactly an anglo saxon.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

Thanks people.

I didn't make that up by the way. He really did get told off for eating a banana in one of his early efforts. Tool.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

I should probably also apologise for it taking so long to publish these comments, but I'd had comment moderation on because of Chinese spam. It's off now.