Hiatus: Update

Hello everybody. Things are still a bit hectic in the life of the Crackers at the moment, so posting will remain light for a while. I had been intending to treat you to a big post about this week's immigration scaremongering, but I've started to look into MigrationWatch's figures and they look really smelly. I've made some headway into finding out what they're based on, and if I'm right we have a balls up of 'Migrants contribute 4p a week' proportions so it's better to make you wait.

In the meantime, there's this from Enemies of Reason 'Express: comically racist', and here is a short list of awesome blogs I should have added to my blog roll ages ago.

Daily Quail
Alone in the Dark
No sleep til Brooklands
Buff the banana with Paul Dacre

Fill your boots!

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