Won't someone please be outraged by Jeremy Clarkson?

It's not that often that the Mail misjudges its audience, so it's good to see it happen twice in as many weeks, over the same thing.

Last week, the paper had to make a quick u-turn over trying to outrage its readers over a Jeremy Clarkson joke about murdered prostitutes. This week, having not learned its lesson, the paper publishes 'BBC in new taste row after Jeremy Clarkson makes obscene hand gesture at U.S. policeman'.

I would link to the story, but it's gone already. You'll get this. Here's what happens when you Google the headline:

Only five hours before it has to go?

Whoops! Memo to all Mail staff: It's only when your target is young or conceivably left-wing that you can be outraged at them. Russell Brand makes rude gestures at policemen = gold dust. Hero of political incorrectness makes rude gestures at policemen = very funny and totally understandable in context.

Thanks to JSES in the MailWatch forums for originally linking to the story.

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Yakoub said...

Not much outrages me about Jeremy, except the fact he exists!