Shadow Minister for Immigration arrested

'Senior Tory arrested over leaks

I don't think I like this development at all. But this is so obviously going to be spun into a story about how a fearless crusader for truth has been silenced by Zanulab thought police that I almost want to cheer it.

It's started already - 'Terror police seize Tory MP Damian Green over 'immigration leaks to the media''

Only two of the four leaks he's supposed to have been arrested for are to do with immigration, and he hasn't been arrested for 'terror' offences.

Still, it's Stalinesque apparently.


What Justin said. And it's mighty convenient that it would happen in the middle of something major happening globally.

Still want to eat my own head at the thought of the coverage though.


andrew adams said...

To be fair, the Guardian also reported that he was arrested by "counter-terrorism police".

I think it's right to be concerned about this, even if some on the right will no doubt try to spin the story for their own political ends.

Anonymous said...

"and he hasn't been arrested for 'terror' offences."

Nor shot whilst attempting to escape.

Damm, the Statzi ain't as good as they used to be !


MCG said...

No way would the Home Secretary not have been informed prior to Green being nicked. What's the betting she ends up being saddled with the blame for this bizarre over-reaction?

Anonymous said...

Liberal Conspiracy has a good post on this, highlighting the hypocrisy of the Tories for opposing FOI provisions that would have covered precisely the sort of information Damian Green allegedly solicited froma Civil Servant.

It also puts a different light on the involvement of the Anti-Terror Police, essentially after their merger with Special Branch Official Secrets Act disclosures are within the combined agencies remit.