Mr Dacre, I take it all back

Yesterday, I had a bit of a go at Paul Dacre for being a bit hypocritical in his speech to the Society of Editors. In particular, I sneered at his suggestion that papers should be allowed to intrude into people's privacy in order to set boundaries for what is morally acceptable in society.

But I take it all back. Today, the paper has proven Dacre's words by bringing something to the public attention that is so heinous, so unacceptable to right thinking people that it blows any possible attempt to prevent invasion of privacy out of the water. The story is of such great importance that any idea of a privacy law should be stifled for the greater public good. Newspapers have a right, nay, a duty to bring this sort of story to our attention.

If you haven't already heard the staggering news, brace yourself. Here goes.

'What diet? Kerry Katona has full-fat Coke and Sugar Puffs delivered to her home (from Iceland, of course)'
After undergoing £15,000 worth of plastic surgery, one would expect Kerry Katona to eat sensibly so she wouldn't lose her svelte figure.

But it appears the reality star isn't on a health kick as she received a grocery delivery from Iceland today.
So what if she has kids and the Coke and Sugar Puffs might be for them? Haven't you seen? She bought full fat Coke and Sugar Puffs when the Daily Mail expects her to be on a diet. The bitch.

Put the Human Rights Act in the bin, Mr Straw. In fact, give special snooping powers to Dacre and his torch of righteous knowledge. For the good of the nation, we need to know about this sort of thing. This is surely the very abrogation of civilised behaviour of which the law is supposed to be the safeguard.

That's enough sarcasm. I'm stopping now.


Akela said...

Even worse though! Hold the front page! Get this, WOMAN HAS CURLY HAIR!


cheshireboy said...

What is "full fat coke" anyway ???

Coke has 0% fat content.

Perhaps they're confusing fat with sugar ??

An easy mistake to make ... if you're an idiot.

Mephitis said...

I'd have thought the sugar puffs would be for the kids, for sure. Ahh, they missed a trick there, could so easily have gone for the 'terrible-mother-feeds-children-sugar' angle.

Hmm, body fascism or terrible mum - it was probably a toss-up.

Well, the word toss definitely came in somewhere.