More Political Correctness goes Mad. MAD I tell you!

Ooh - they look nice. Wonder if the paper will tell us where to get them?

It's an old one, but I've only just seen this Political Correctness Gone Mad panic story used as an example of something that's really happened that proves that Political Correctness has really gone stark staring bonkers and is ruining the fabric of this country as we know it. Gah! Batten down the hatches, chaps! The PC Brigade is coming!

'Officials order gran to rename her 'Robin tarts' because they don't contain robin'

I don't need to do anything other than quote Dorset Trading Standards from the BBC's coverage of the story, 'Bakery told stop telling porkies':
Bill Jaggs, head of regulatory standards at Dorset County Council, said: "The advice wasn't that you can't call them pig or robin tarts because they haven't got pig or robin in them.

"You are required when you give a name that doesn't describe what it is...just to describe it.

"The reason is that some people want to know more about what they are eating than others, and this gives them a guide.

"It's a good story, and gets a good laugh, but it isn't the truth," he said/

Yeah, gets a good laugh. And gets some nice name checks for Sgt Bun Bakery in Weymouth, Dorset from the BBC. That's Sgt Bun Bakery in Weymouth, Dorset.

Pity the Mail misspells it.

Hey, at least nobody pretended the pig cakes were banned because of Muslims.


Yusuf Smith said...

Well, quibbling about names like "robin tarts" or "pig cakes" is a bit stupid, because you never use robin meat in food, let alone confectionery, and pig meat is never called that - it's called bacon or pork or something. If it's in the shape of a pig, it's obvious why it's called a pig cake. It's more to do with stupid officious jobsworths than PC, though.

Five Chinese Crackers said...

The problem is, the woman in the story wasn't asked to include descriptions of what was in her cakes because people might think there was robin or pig in them. She was just asked to let people know because they might want to know I don't see much of a problem with that.