The Express, the Mail and a new low

Sometimes I wonder if it's childish to refer to the Express as 'Der Sturmer'. Not today.

Just a quick post today, since I'm off on a stag do this afternoon, but Anton Vowl over at the Enemies of Reason has some great stuff about an incredible low point in the coverage of immigration in the Mail, and especially the Express. (See 'Prove it, you lying racist bastards.' and 'Invade, vb.') It had been such a long time since a proper immigration scare, I thought the papers had started to soften after the Mail had to print a letter criticising its attacking of the Polish.

How wrong was I? Jesus. (No change in the Mail's coverage of Nilanthan Murddi's murder, by the way)

With headlines like the Express', is it any wonder that there's a BNP representative in the London Assembly?

Incidentally, dust up in the comments of Barnbrook's dodgy blog, in which readers try to argue that discrimination against other races isn't actually racism.


Phil BC said...

I remember putting this to a few Tories a while back, that the Express and Mail are as much responsible for the rise in BNP support as New Labour are. Incredibly, they couldn't see a connection. To them these self-appointed voices of middle england were innocently trying to have a "debate" about immigration. What planet are these people on?

Five Chinese Crackers said...

It actually amazes me that someone could honestly think that the Mail and Express have nothing to do with the rise in BNP support. Seriously, haven't they seen the bits where the shovel headed goons praise the two papers and say certain of their columnists are the party's favourites?