Where am I?

I haven't been posting an awful lot around these parts. It gets like that sometimes when you have a real life and a boss who regularly demands the moon on a stick before asking where the bloody unicorn they demanded last week is.

It's not made much easier when you're an idiot who starts doing things elsewhere that you should be doing on your own sodding blog. More on that below the fold.

Firstly, this week I sent an email to the Churners at The Churner Prize to see if they knew anything about this batty story. I didn't expect them to reproduce the whole thing - but it's there if you want it in 'Oh, just F-Cup'. It's a pity I didn't do a proper post on that, since it would have given me the opportunity to include a picture of a pretty, large breasted young woman in a bra for totally legitimate reasons. Hey - maybe that had something to do with why some papers covered it. Do you think? I'm looking at you, the Daily Mail.

Secondly, I posted a very short message in a discussion on MailWatch about the so stereotypical it could almost be a parody Daily Express headline, "NOW BURGLARS WILL NOT BE JAILED". Read the comment here, but the basic jist is that the 'will' is withdrawn pretty swiftly - some burglars might not get jail. But then that's nothing new. This Hansard Written Answer shows that rather a lot of burglars weren't jailed as far back as 1997, which was considered scandalous at the time, it would seem. What's happened since then? Burglary has steadily dropped every year and is now lower than it was when records began in 1981. When will these wishy-washy liberal judges ever learn?

Lastly, Richard Barnbrook's blog is back at the Telegraph. And it's very lame. I've been commenting on some of the posts - trying in some of them to get him to answer whether this heartfelt invitation for graduates to come to live in Barking extended to people born abroad, or descended from people born abroad. Of course, that's a question that can never be answered.

He answers yes, he shoots himself in the foot since he's specifically told the graduates they can "meet a nice British girl and want a nice environment for your children to grow up in". Can't be telling dark skinned men to get involved in mixed race relationships eh? Plus, you know, he's the BNP. He can't be inviting immigrants to live in Barking and Dagenham. Why, you could almost release a pamphlet called 'Africans for Essex' if he did that.

He answers no, then the BNP's attempts to appear fluffy and cuddly and absolutely not racist no sir would be exposed for the sham it is. Of course, it's obvious from reading the thing that he only means white people (and bizarrely, only straight men and lesbians at that), but it's funny he can't admit that.

I have made one specific comment there which deserves its own post, so - on to posting BNP - PWNAGE?

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