The Express is 'a threat to Britain'

Okay, so on a day where I claim to be busy, you have two posts from me - but this one's dead quick so it doesn't count.

Haven't really been dipping into the wasteland that is the Daily Express 'Have Your Say' section for a while. I have over the last couple of days, and handily, the paper's keeping us up to speed on what its readers think about immigration with 'Should failed asylum seekers be kicked out?', 'Should immigrants speak English?' and 'Will migration cause riots in Britain?'. Bet there'll be some surprises in those discussions and no mistake.

Anyway - here's how 'Have Your Say' pieces work. Start with a question like one of the above to give the appearance of soliciting an answer in an unbiased manner, follow with a completely skewed account of what is happening so as to make a complete mockery of the idea that the whole thing isn't biased, and sit back and watch as readers fall over themselves to spout some of the most vile stuff you'll ever read in a national newspaper. Of course, sometimes you get one or two people disagreeing - but they're always drowned out by the hatred.

It seems the pretence of a lack of bias has slipped in one recent piece. 'Muslim schools 'are a threat to Britain'', it says, giving readers the opportunity to weigh both sides of the argument in a considered manner before braying like Sand People.

Annoyingly, I don't much like the idea of faith schools. But I don't think they're a threat to Britain, and I hate the idea that not liking them puts me in the same camp as people who can argue:
This is (Great) Britain and as such it is English. So it should be left English.

I never gave ‘racism’ much thought, I have lived in all sorts of communities, here and abroad, this included Muslims communities. And to be honest I am become a racist.


**UPDATE - 31JULY** And it's gone. Follow the link above and you'll get a blank page. The Express quietly removes things that get complained about - so somebody probably said something.


Cain said...

"I am become a racist"?

Well I'm at least glad to see that the far-right has lost none of its taste for anti-intellectualism and shitty prose.

Jack said...

I'd say that being against faith schools as a whole puts you into a different camp to those knuckle draggers who are solely against Muslim schools.